XColony has delivered so far a diversity of construction games and educational programs which were presented in private and public meetings in the USA and EU.

A marketing campaign designed by Invents, LLC, NY is currently unfolding to introduce XColony games to the North American market:

"XColony paper game is a specially designed competitive new module-based game that will provide consumers of all ages with a product offering hours of brain teasing yet fun play time that exercises the brain and serves as a more productive alternative to video and computer games. Use paper pieces to construct intricate modules and geometrical forms. Each one is increasingly complex as the user advances in the game. A new way to entertain kids while stimulating their minds."

XColony games are erasing the differences between learning and playing, between school projects and home entertainment.

Based on simple principles such as "start with the basics", "learn gradually" and "explore and be creative", the games offer an open end hierarchical environment for modular constructions while challenging the creativity and the innovative spirit of the players.

Complex geometrical constructions are built through hands-on tasks aimed on solving captivating 3D geometrical puzzles of gradual challenge.

The XColony players learn how to integrate information coming from various channels: visual, kinesthetic and audio

All XColony games are complained with EU and the USA regulations.


XColony Planets Games

Adventure on

The XColony game Adventure on Mercury proposes the construction of basic modules that can be assembled into multi-layered complex buildings.

The Venus

The Venus Expedition is an XColony game that aims to build geometrical structures which can be popped-up, flipped and stacked into a diversity of complex chains.


XColony Marine Games


The XColony game The Jellyfish is a flexible funny toy that can easily turn into either a circular or a linear shape. It rolls, expands, jumps, connects and compresses back to flatness. Two circular shaped jellyfish toys could be arranged in a inner-outer configuration. The 24 elements of the game are assembled into a jellyfish toy within about 1 hour of fun and puzzles.

The Sea Anemones

The Sea Anemones is a distinctive toy which blooms under mild pressure and can change its appearance with quick and simple handling. Combining 36 elements of the game offers about 1 hour of fun and many surprises!.


XColony Time Traveler Games

The Secrets
of the Pyramid

The Secrets of The Pyramid is an XColony game that aims to explore spatial structures displaying almost magic appearances.

The Metamorph

The Metamorph games incites the players to build two reshapeable spatial station toys: The Wafers - which can be shaped either as arrays or as towers, and The Triband which can change its shape from 3 bands to 3 balls, and the other way around. The kinetics of these toys is impressive and unique. Assembling the 86 elements and playing with the toys will offer 2+ hours of fun and excitement.


XColony Space Traveler Games

The Space

The Space Diver is a combination of interlocking modules created by flexibly connecting 15 basic modules.

Galactic Spaceship

The Galactic Spaceship allows an integration of 20 basic modules into a kinetic model that display two axes of movement.