Manipulative Tools for Spatial Education

A wide range of educational programs can be derived from the educational tools developed based of the XColony concept. Optional curriculum for 2nd and 5th graders are currently approved and implemented by schools, after school programs are implemented by a national network, summer camps for mathematically talented students and participation at science festivals has been experimented for the past 3 years. Several evaluation studies carried out by schools in USA, Romania and Singapore confirmed the attractiveness and effectiveness of these programs.

Programs were reviewed by teachers and educational psychologists with extensive domain experience and were fine- tuned to address the educational needs specific to each developmental category of students. The programs are structures for the following age groups: 8-10 and 11-14.

Special programs could be developed for high school and academic groups with the goal of igniting creative scientific research.

The program's curricula are supported by extensive video and written documentation, including training for instructors. All materials that are used are high quality plastic covered pieces of cardstock that are cut on high precision computer controlled machines. Instructors that have been tested the programs within Evaluation Studies report that students use video playback, graphically rich documentation and their exploration drive to advance through these projects, with little or no input from their instructor. They also report that these activities spark students' imagination and creativity, many time creating brain storming sessions.